The 7 pillars of PLANET 21

In today’s uncertain world, where food-related, hygiene and environmental threats abound, Accor provide guests and employees with a healthy environment and a haven of tranquility.

To protect the environment, Accor is reducing its water use and recycling its waste. In addition, the Group has already planted three million trees as part of a global reforestation project supported by the United Nations.

Caused mainly by the burning of fossil energies, CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases most responsible for climate change. Accor is committed to reducing its energy consumption with the goal of limiting its carbon footprint.

By fully integrating sustainable development into its operating procedures and offers, Accor is responding proactively to emerging customer expectations and supporting the development of new business models, making PLANET 21 the crucible for the hospitality industry of the future.

Firmly rooted in its host communities, Accor contributes directly to their economic development, which it shares, and protects what is most precious, yet so vulnerable: their children and the natural ecosystems in which the hotels are located.

Accor’s robust expansion is underpinned by the extraordinary social, cultural and professional diversity of its 170,000 employees. The Group is committed to helping them to expand their skills and responsibilities with the goal of offering them motivating, rewarding careers and enhancing their employability.

Through its commitments to franchisees and suppliers, Accor is engaging partners in its sustainable development strategy and integrating them into the responsibility chain.