Training: Developing skills, a priority for Accor

For 40 years, learning and development for the employees have been at the heart of the Accor Human Resources policy.  Every day, learning contributes to make our employees grow and get them more professional, while serving our customers. 

The Académie Accor is supported by a network of 17 campuses around the world that offer training in every aspect of hospitality-related expertise and jobs. Courses may be attended by any employee of an Accor-brand hotel, regardless of job family, educational background, position or seniority. All of the owned, leased, managed or franchised hotels have access to the courses, which may be custom-tailored to the needs of each hotel’s management structure.

The Académie Accor, one of the Group culture symbol, has always been very importante for all Accor employees and managers.

The Académie Accor’s primary mission is to train employees so that every guest enjoys impeccable quality of service. To achieve this, Accor commits to train his employees and to enable them to grow throughout their careers thanks to the lifelong development of their competences.

Its second mission is to support the Group’s expansion by enhancing professionalism in every job family. With the current commitment to opening 40,000 rooms per year, Accor needs to hire and train nearly 200 new General Managers per year. Training is therefore playing an essential role in maintaining the pace of growth.

The Académie Accor is guided by three fundamental teaching goals:

  • to reflect each brand’s real promise and identity by designing, producing and delivering their dedicated course content;
  • to stay attuned to the latest economic, technological and social trends, by offering innovative learning resources in phase with changes in the marketplace;
  • to ensure that all of the programs convey Accor’s unique culture, management philosophy and hotel management methods.

Always an innovation-driven organization, the Académie Accor has been offering for many years training programs increasingly based on blended learning technologies. In this way, it can train employees both on-site and online, to develop their skills where they work via e-learning modules, virtual classrooms and other computer-mediated activities.

Today, detecting, developing and retaining the finest talent is a critical challenge for supporting Accor’s assertive growth strategy, making training and education a core aspect of our business. With more than 250 training modules offered in 20 languages and adapted to local requirements, the Académie Accor is positioned as the international benchmark in hospitality skills development.

Example of an international training program:

RM Pass

    The Accor “RM Pass” is an international development and training program leading to Revenue Management certification, whose objectives are to:

    • Guarantee a level of knowledge and professionalism in Revenue Management across the brands and countries
    • Develop and maintain a Revenue Management “talent pool” to supply the activity in coming years
    • Accompany the professional Revenue Managers in their development and career prospects

RM training for certification is based on three levels of expertise enabling each person to be trained according to their Revenue Management responsibilities.
This programme is for Accor employees with responsibilities in the management of their hotel revenue.

The “IHMP” (International Hospitality Management Program) is a high level, hotel management, training and teaching programme, set up for high potential hotel operators. The aim of IHMP is to:

  • Provide high level training in hotel administration, adapted to the Group’s requirements
  • Improve performance in the management of profit centres
  • Anticipate and support international career projects
  • Facilitate inter-brand, inter-country and inter-continental mobility
  • Provide internal visibility for the programme’s participants

In short, the IHMP training programme will create a pool of international managers, ready to take on new operational responsibilities in a short or medium time scale. 
For this programme, priority is given to the managers of Accor subsidiary and Accor managed hotels.


Accor Manager” is an international development and training programme for management positions, the aim of which is to:

  • Enable the Manager to better understand their environment
  • Capitalise on experience to transform it into useable skills
  • Improve the vision of their role to increase their leadership in terms of Strategy, Marketing, Management and Communication.

This programme is aimed at Accor managers in Europe (Hotels, Head-quarters and other Group units) with a minimum of 2 to 3 years experience in their position.


The Accor "Sales & Distribution Pass" is an international qualifying development and training programme in Sales and Distribution whose targets are to: 

  • Guarantee a level of knowledge and professionalism on universal Sales and Distribution know-how throughout the brands and countries
  • Develop and maintain a Sales and Distribution “talent pool” to cater for recruitment needs over the coming years
  • Support the professional Salespersons with their development and career prospects

The Sales & Distribution Pass qualifying training courses are structured around three levels of expertise enabling each employee to be trained according their responsibilities.

This programme is for Accor employees with “external” sales responsibilities, for the development of customer portfolios.